Comparison Chart

Choosing how to work together is an important first step. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to make it easy.

 Creating Top Products Training
1-Day Strategy Intensive
Product Success Program
Project Services
Social Media Done-For-You
Group or Private Group Private Private Private Project Project
Typical Duration 8 Weeks 12 sessions of 30 minute each. 1 Day 1 Year Based on Project Based on Project
Email Access X YES Limited YES YES Limited
Packaging Design X Optional Optional Optional Optional X
Customized to Your Product X YES YES YES YES YES
Customizable Templates Included 3 X X 24 X X
Payment Plan Available YES X X YES YES X
Buyer Contacts Provided X 10 15 25+ X X
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Q: What if I want to upgrade or switch how we are working together?

We’re happy to upgrade you! You can also add-on extra components to your heart’s content. All the work we do fits together one piece on top of another.

Q: Why does packaging appear as "optional"?

Not every client needs packaging work done. And if packaging is needed sometimes we direct the client’s graphic designer. Other times we’ll deliver the entire project from our in-house team. The beauty of working one-on-one is that we can fit where you need the most support.

Q: How does email access work?

We’re happy to answer questions from clients during our time working together. That’s part of our PURPOSE!

You’ll be given a special clients-only email address to use if email access is part of our work together. When we receive your questions we strive to answer them in 48 business hours. During trade show season the travel schedule does affect our email turn around times.  We do our best to let you know beforehand if that will be the case.

Consulting clients – If you have one or two quick questions, we’re usually able to answer those without using any of your consulting time. Please keep in mind that answers to a “quick question” sometimes need some consideration because they will affect another area of your project. In those cases we do have to use some of your consulting time to care take of your answer.

Q: What are payment plans are available?

Consulting and 1-Day Strategy Intensives only have paid-in-full payment options. The Product Success Program can be broken up over several payments. Project services like graphic design are custom payment plans that progress with the work. A 50% deposit is required to start the project. Click the “learn more” links above to see specific payment plan details.