Part 8 of the interview: Social Media - Using Social Media To Help Your Business Thrive

Intuit Quickbooks came to interview us about what makes product businesses tick. This is part 8 of 10.

Products To Profits is a marketing consulting firm which offers a wide range of services in a very focused niche: consumer product business building.  CEO Amy Wenslow believes in the necessity for all businesses big and small to leverage social media to their advantage.  Each platform presents a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers and market their products.  For example, Amy uses Twitter to facilitate closing multi-thousand-dollar sales, in addition to illustrating current marketing trends taking over stores.  Amy encourages other businesses to strike a conversational tone with their social media as a means of confiding with their customers and earning their trust.  When used properly, social media can help any business thrive without costing them a cent.

To learn more about Amy Wenslow and Products to profits, please visit our About Us page.

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