Amazon’s Push Into Brick and Mortar Retail.

A few weeks ago we hosted a show about e-Commerce and how over 87% of sales are still made offline. That’s why so many online sellers are looking to sell to stores now. And it’s only one of the reasons Amazon’s bid to buy Whole Foods makes sense. There are a whole bunch of reasons this is a natural next move in “omnichannel marketing”.

“Omnichannel marketing” is not a new term. It was coined over 8 years ago.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Walmart buys (That’s primarily offline business buying an online business.)
  • Amazon bidding to buy Whole Foods. (Online giant looking to buy brick and mortar stores.)

There are some interesting things that will come out of this for vendors (you) and consumers (also you)

Areas that will have changes: product assortments, store layout, distribution centers, how manufacturers sell to them, profit margins, technology systems.

Below is this weeks video from the Product Business Show.  I hope you enjoy!

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