Branding – What it Really Is & What it Truly Does [Product Business Show]

On this weeks Product Business Show, we talked about Branding.

I know it might seem a little odd to be that excited about a business topic BUT this isn’t just any old topic.  Branding is the DNA of your product AND it’s a tool that helps you express the DNA.

Imagine a practice that touches how your product functions, what people think about it, how it looks / tastes / sounds and feels like. Then add in how much value they think it has.

That is branding.

Whether you are selling retail, wholesale or B-to-B, your branding is extremely important.   Like I mentioned in Thursday’s email, there’s been SO much written and discussed about branding over the past few years.  However, not all of it relates to new products.

Branding can be a Godsend or your worst nightmare.

The parts of branding that are important for new products aren’t always obvious. Over the years we’ve used a few very misunderstood branding elements to turn around results for multiple companies. After we did work together, one client brought in over $2 million in sales in one year.

You’ll hear some of the ways good branding pulls sales in. Plus, I’ll share how one business’ branding train wreck was making sales flee, never to be seen again.   We hope that will never happen to you.

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