Who are Your Business Advisors?

Who are you asking for perspective on growing your product related business?

Do you ask anyone?! Your clients? Customers? Friends? Guy down the street that has never owned a business, much less built a successful product?

It’s important to ask good questions of people who have done at least part of what you want to do.  Or that have experienced the thing you what feedback about.

For example, a restaurant could ask current customers about how their food tasted.  Or whether the server was friendly. Or they could ask if the chairs were comfortable, was the live band a pleasant volume. Or maybe ask to find out ifthe jasmine scented ocean breeze coming in the open windows felt perfect.

Now picture someone standing two hundred miles away that has never been to that restaurant. It would be crazy to ask them the same questions right?

If the restaurant wanted useful, valuable input from that person they would need to ask different questions! In fact, the reason for asking questions of a person 200 miles away most likely supports a completely separate goal.

That is why asking the right questions of the right advisors makes such a profound impact.

The reality is that asking good questions of the RIGHT advisors eliminates drama, reduces financial struggle and adds light years’ worth of speed. Provided you do one masterful thing…  Implement the answers!

Ideas without implementation will wither away to dust. Ideas acted on powerfully can change your world.

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