Creating the perfect environment for maximum creativity requires space, structure and time. Physical and mental space lets us connect seemingly random things. With that being said, when you work on your project, make sure you bring focused attention and energy to the table.

In order to get the creative juices flowing, I recommend keying in on the following 5 elements:

1. Agreements – Make agreements with yourself on how you’ll invest your time. (I call it investing because you should expect some sort of return for your focused time and energy.) Agreements are best if they are formed consciously even while you are on the go. For example, entrepreneurs are always making new agreements with themselves and others, when new priorities arise.

2. Priorities – Always organize your priorities with a flexible plan. The ever-changing nature of doing business can change your entire course, so be flexible and adapt. Definitely start with a plan though!

3. Support – This is really important. Get the best support you possibly can, even if you have to stretch a little or a lot. Click Here to check out an article about business advisers. And Click Here for the complete audio on building the ultimate team.  I remember taking a big, deep gulp of breath once when I knew I was about to invest $50,000 to work with an advisor for 6 months. (We had exponential results from it!)

4. Environment – Ask yourself, “What suits the highest good?”

A) Don’t be afraid to be protective of your “focus time.” Here at the office, I put a up sign the reads “FOCUSING” on my door to kindly remind the team that I cannot have any interruptions.

FUN FACT: For every interruption you have, it takes about 10 minutes for your brain to recover and get back into the flow of things. So, for every 3 interruptions in an hour, half an hour of time is wasted.

B) Dress the part! Surprisingly, putting on at least business casual clothes can help you mentally jump into business “go mode.” Especially for those of you that work from home, give this a try.

C) Set the mood. The easiest way to do this is to play music. Try playing upbeat or ambient background music.

5. Simplicity – Let things be mentally simple. We all have heard the saying “less is more.” Simply put, keeping things less complicated just makes things less catastrophic. Avoid bringing mental fear into the situation.

Let’s face it, who can’t use more momentum? Save time, make money, repeat.

While we’re still tackling the subject about entrepreneurial balance… I’d like to share this book with you:

For Better or For Work by Meg Hirshberg (A survival guide for entrepreneurs and their families.)


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