Getting ready to pitch to media can be a bit daunting for some and may come naturally for others. Here are some of the no-cost ways we’ve gotten quoted over and over in Entrepreneur magazine.

Make yourself a good source for the article that the journalist intends to write. They will be most interested in sound bites and resource materials for their story. And don’t be afraid to put in a personal twist to the content you provide. Below, I have written a few key notes to keep in mind when you are connecting with media about your business and experiences.

Elements to Include When Sharing Your Story:
What was your purpose?
Before & after an interesting experience.
What makes you relate-able? Inspiring?
Answer questions confidently, clearly and concisely.

Remember, when you connect with a journalist you need to be of service to them, their story, and their readers. Be relate-able. Be resourceful.

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Post to your LinkedIn page.
Share content through Twitter. (Tweets with images perform 400% better.)
Continue to connect with reporters through HARO.

Every person is inspiring to somebody else, from wherever they are.


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