Perfection – Mythical perfection.

That striving to translate the vision we start with into the end product through man handling and sheer will of the creative process.

My sophomore year of art school a professor taught me about the folly of this in one sentence. Professor Leon Lugassy, made an insightful observation that taught me about following the energy of creativity.

It was such a simple sentence. It might have been overlooked if you didn’t know his desire to have students truly see differently.

After watching me create sculpture and jewelry for two semesters, he looked at my body of work. This was the final critique of the year.

I felt nervous. Would IT, (really meaning…. “would I”) be good enough?

Leon thoughtfully looked over what I had created. He looked me in the eye and stroked his almost-handlebar moustache.

Then he said one sentence in his lovely French accent.

“Sometimes, on your way to creating the idea you had in your head at the beginning, you miss the extraordinary.”

One sentence changed me. It changed how I see.

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