Creating Yourself Through Creative Business

When I was a very little girl, maybe 6 years old, I lived in a little college town. There were only about 4,000 people in the whole town. But there were three colleges.

Artists were all around. And all types of professors.

That little college town, Alfred, NY, was a magical place where clay was inches under the topsoil. While that made planting a garden challenging, to me it meant unlimited raw materials to make things… All kinds of things… Ashtrays….. Vases….. Plates…..

The town is filled with artists and very smart people (plus our fair share of eccentrics, too).

What was missing in my awareness were the business people. Sure there was Mr. Crandall who ran the jewelry store. Mr Alex who had the restaurant. Jeannie who owned Hair Care. Local farmers, too.

But mostly what I saw was all the creativity. The energy of students from around the world literally creating. Painting. Making. Moving ideas into forms you could touch and move around in space.

What I wish I had known then was that creativity takes on many forms. It will always have it’s way with you. Creativity will move you in many directions if you let it.

Now I use all that creative energy inside a creative business. Yes, we work with products and inventions every day.

But honestly, I’m most thrilled by what’s behind it.

What we are really doing is GROWING PEOPLE in the process.



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