WeWork Creator Awards

Whether you are brand new in business, an artist doing new work, a non-profit or a well established company. — this year’s WeWork Creator Awards has a category for you.

WeWork will be giving out awards totaling $20 million dollars.

Deadline to submit an application for the western US and north eastern US is 10/24/17

We’ll be working with clients on their pitches in the next week or so.  If you’re not a client yet, join our other clients and get support for crafting your business’ strategy so you can present it powerfully.  We can fit in a few more people but that’s all.

Of course, you can submit on your own if you are absolutely sure your really ready. (We’ve written and evaluated pitches for all kinds of investor groups so we could probably add some valuable insights!)

Getting support could have you win big time.

For the WeWork Creator Awards Click here for details.

I you want help with your pitch, click here to set an appointment to talk with us.

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