Bring Your Idea to Life – How to be a Crowdfunding Campaign Winner

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way to raise funding for projects. Thanks to crowdfunding, many products have been developed and successfully put on the market. It has never been so easy to raise so much money and reach such a massive audience! Everyone looks up to and praises the work of projects that have successfully reached and surpassed their primary monetary goal. Everyone wants to be part of the winning experience!

The largest misconception is that a largely successful crowdfunding campaign can be implemented and monitored by a single person. Marketing and crowdfunding expert Craig Jacobson, who orchestrated the all-time No.1 mobile accessory crowdfunding campaign,  states that an entire campaign is impossible to pull off alone. Many people should be talking into your project. For example, you will need the business owners, an accountant, a strategist, an attorney, a customer service representative, a traffic manager and a marketing strategist.

Every team member will have very important contributions and crucial roles to play during  phases of the short campaign. Whether your campaign will run for 30, 60, or 90 days, you will need to make the greatest impact you can with the time you have. The most successful campaigns are usually about 45 -60 days.

Here they are, the 7 keys to becoming a crowdfunding campaign winner:

1. Set achievable, measurable goals

2. Put together a team

3. Define your customers

4. Strategically approach multiple phases of your campaign

5. Nail your video sales letter

6. Bring your own traffic. LOTS of it.

7. Continually fine tune your campaign till the very end

Listen in to this snippet of audio from our Product Power Coaching call with crowdfunding expert Craig Jacobson for the complete details of this discussion:


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