Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to create product for retail stores?
A: It can move as quickly as 17 days or take years depending on how involved the design of the product itself is.

Q: How much inventory do I need to be able to meet with a big retail chain?
A: Surprisingly, almost none. One of the most deadly mistakes of a new business is ordering inventory too early!

Q: What is intellectual property?
A: Intellectual property is a creation of thought. Legally protected types of intellectual property are patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

Q: Are you a patent attorney or an intellectual property attorney?
A: No. We are not attorneys. We work with inventors to build successful product based businesses. Intellectual property attorneys do not generally get involved with the product development or distribution. They also do not usually advise people on the best ways to create revenue, or sales, from the idea.

Q: I showed my product to a retail store and they aren’t calling me back. What happened?
A: There are several possibilities. Most commonly, the information was incomplete or hard for the buyer to work with. Due to buyers’ busy schedules, information must be presented in the formats most commonly used for sales presentations. Also, incomplete information can disqualify you from serious buyer consideration. Secondly, your retail positioning or strategy might not have been a fit for that buyer’s goals / needs. You must understand the language and needs of retailers to be successful.

Q: How does Products To Profits work with clients?
A: We work alongside you, or your business team, using our discerning expertise mixed with engaging insights to create dynamic results.

Q: How is Products To Profits different than an invention submission company?
A: There are several major distinctions.

We listen to your goals and very precisely select the best, most likely, strategy for that particular goal to happen.

We work mostly with people that want to build product based businesses. Invention submission companies typically recommend licensing out a product.

We turn projects down where we don’t see how the project could make money for the creator.

We chose to only work on products that are good for people and the planet.

Our clients must want to have some fun along the way.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We invest time getting to know you and your project before taking you on as a client. If we agree to work together, all sales are final.

Q: Do you guarantee my product will be successful if I work with Products To Profits?
A: The process of putting together a winning product has countless variables. Some involve decisions and choices that will not be in direct control by Products To Profits. So, no, we cannot guarantee you, or your product, will be successful. Even with our in depth knowledge and proven processes, sometimes businesses will fail. But hey, there is risk in everything human beings do. Starting a business, or working on a consumer product, is no different. It is a goal that will require commitment on your part, too.

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