Generating Connection and Rapport

Last week at the National Hardware Show we got to judge the inventions area. We also met with clients, our team and new people.

One glaring thing stood out. Whoever creates genuine, lasting, professional connections will do better. Our life is richer and we have more support. (Unlike the guy at the show who was so arrogant that several people mentioned it, and secretly refused to do business with him.)

Every massive influencer shares a few distinct qualities. We have different habits, too.

I”m going to reveal how to cultivate the skills, thinking and habits that build an influential network.

Rapport can do so much. Like last Tuesday when I called a Lowe’s Home Improvement buyer I’ve never met. In less than 10 minutes he said “Yes, I’d like to have a look at that product.”

Don’t believe me? Imagine having a sales rep chase a buyer around the show floor for 10 minutes to be able to introduce you. Yes, that really happened for me last week with the Sharper Image buyer.

Product Action Call

How would you like to be able to ask questions privately to a business person who’s worked on lines that did over $300,000,000 in sales in three years? You know…..  someone who has a laser-like focus on PRODUCT BUSINESSES.  Schedule a Product Action Call Today.

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