So how do you get unstuck?

There are moments in any business, including mine where I just feel like really, can we just have it be easy for a little while or where it feels like I’m working so hard and it doesn’t seem like things are going right for a couple days.

There seems to be a lot of that going on in some of our clients or prospects right now, so I want to give you the benefit of some tools that I use if you’re interested. They’re amazing and I’m fortunate that I’ve been involved with personal growth for about 17 years, so I have this really big toolbox that I go to when I need to raise my motivation, raise my focus and raise my vibration around what it is I’m looking to accomplish and what it is I’m being called to do.

There’s a great quote I was sent this morning that is so appropriate, from Nolan Bushnell. It speaks to inventors… “Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea; it’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.”

Main tools for getting yourself unstuck at any point.

My first is a picture frame I have on my desk and you know how we as business owners sometimes have bright shiny object syndrome? Whatever problem or idea seems most fascinating at the time may pull our attention away, so I have this frame that’s a bright shiny object, literally. It has beautiful rhinestones around it. It’s clear glass and inside it has my annual goal, which lives right by my telephone, next to my computer and I did that intentionally so it’s a bright shiny object that will pull me forward through the year.

That’s about a logistics around holding your goal. The biggest thing for me is to always remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. We really want to grow the business substantially and we’re doing that through a lot of different marketing channels, different outreach to investor groups, speaking engagements, etc. So my goal this year is that we want to make a difference for people.

I start my day with waking up and within five minutes I’m writing in a journal three to five things I’m grateful for, for that day already. One can’t repeat. They have to be new things everyday. I’m fortunate in that I have this lovely view of the mountains from my bedroom, but I can’t just write – I love the mountains everyday – I’m so grateful for that view.

It has to be specific and have feeling in it.  Start you day grounded in gratitude.

From there I move into about 30 minutes to an hour of writing my life into existence. That’s an exercise in visioning exactly how you want something and writing it in detail so you feel it. This is really important where your product is concerned. You can use it for every stage of your project and for preparing yourself for a retailer meeting and preparing yourself to work with multiple vendors and manufacturers, is how do you want it to go? What is it you’re really looking to create with them?

You get very clear about it and write from that. From there,  I have affirmations that I say about what kind of business we run and what client’s experience will be. That starts my day in a very high vibration.

If you’re trying to create a product and you are dragging yourself out of bed to try to work on it,  then you’ll never be successful and I can say that with pretty much 95-99% certainty. You actually have to find a way to be excited even when it’s hard.

There’s a reason you’re doing it and there’s a purpose so you have to stay connected to that.

Be compelling about the story you tell, and for anyone who has studied sales you may have heard Zig Ziglar say that sales is a transfer of enthusiasm.  That is critical around your product. The products that are the most successful are the ones that have somebody who’s almost an evangelist about the product. One who is so behind it,  that they capture your attention. They are just like wow, this is why it’s cool and it’s this, this and this. Hey do you want to try it? That’s ultimately what people will respond to, whether it’s in your print, your packaging, anything.

So you have to keep yourself refreshed and resilient around it. Now those are some of my favorite unsticking tools for myself.

Be wise about adjusting your vision.


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