Ready, Set, Go! Goal Setting

Goal setting is something that 90% of the population goes through at the beginning of the year and I recommend shifting how you set your product goals and anything related to your product or product business.  Keep in mind the time frames of the retailers and of the physical process of creating something.

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and that our thoughts create our reality, etc.  I’m also a big believer in the fact that we work in a mechanical universe that there are certain processes that take certain amounts of time.  With that said, keep in mind how you’re setting your goals. I used to set mine for the year and then I would set monthly goals.  This year I’ve done it really differently and you might consider doing this.

I personally set quarterly, annual and monthly so that I recognize in this time in my business there are some projects we’re taking on that are more, like the book which is going to take about 6-9 months to do. So to set monthly goals about it is good but not a complete picture and an annual goal is too long for it.  Quarterly goals then act as a checkpoint on projects where there may be a longer time cycle.

Most of you are in a project like that when you creating and working on a new product. You’re in something that will take longer,  so I recommend you look at it in three-month snapshots. Look at where you want to be at the end of the three months and that you work to put yourself in that future moment.

Meaning, what will it feel like when you reach that goal?

I had a two-hour meeting with a client earlier and her business partner, and I asked the question, how will you know when you have been successful?  They looked at me funny about it, but I advised them that there are different strategies which will give them different results, so we need to know what it is they want to create and what success is to them.  Is it a million dollars revenue?  Is it dollars per month or units?  Or is it the pride of seeing your product in stores?

What is that and to be specific about it.

Turns out we have very different definitions of the phrase they said, we just want to be successful and see our product out there.  When you start getting specific then there are specific actions that can fall out of your way or in place.

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