How We Work


Consulting that guides you through the new product process.

1-Day Strategy Intensives

1-Day Strategy Intensives are custom designed one-on-one meetings for your project and team.

Done-For-You Services

Done-For-your Services are custom proposals tailored to your needs.

Product Action Call

30 minute Introductory Product Action Call

Social Media Packages

Social Media for product launches and events.

Product Mastermind

Mastermind with Entrepreneurs, just like you.

Go faster and improve your results with expert input and support.

One client specifically hired us because we see inside so many businesses. His company was already doing $15 million a year in sales. However, they had lost $400,000 on a new product launch. He wisely said, “We are inside our own bubble. We’ll never be able to see as many things that work, and don’t work, as you do. That’s why we hired you. We have to restructure how we are launching products and we can’t see it.”

Another client hired us to fix a whole bunch of agonizing problems. They were about to lose an account that did over a $1 million a year in sales. With only 7 weeks to turn things around, we had to act fast. Working with our client we were able to fix the problems, soothe the buyer, improve our client’s operations and……. The account grew to over $2 MIILLION in sales in less than a year.

Read the complete case study here.

Clients and investors call us “the secret weapon of building product businesses.”

Simply put, after working for decades on hundreds and hundreds of products, we’ve come to understand the process from a very unique perspective.

In fact, our client Dan Hawkins, described what we do this way.

“Their direction for retail placement has included support with sourcing, packaging, supply chain, pricing and the thousand other details that are part of bringing a product to market. Amy Wenslow, and her staff, are very knowledgeable about this incredibly complex process. Products To Profits has been a huge help to our market introduction! We highly recommend their services to anyone bringing new products to market.”

Dan Hawkins


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