How would you like to be able to ask questions privately to a business person who’s worked on lines that did over $300,000,000 in sales in three years? You know….. someone who has a laser-like focus on PRODUCT BUSINESSES.

Would you like to speak with a business professional who has Sharks from the TV “Shark Tank” sending their clients over to get work done?

That’s exactly what you can do now with this Cyber Monday offer.

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In case 30 minutes doesn’t sounds very long:  we saved one client $150,000 in 10 minutes
Another client paid us almost $10,000 for a single day. The work we did kept a million dollar account they had been about to lose. That “almost lost” account doubled to $2,000,000 in sales in 1 year.
Today is your chance to get support while you make decisions. 
We are offering a 30 minute introductory Product Action Call exclusively for Cyber Monday. Your call will be directly with Amy Wenslow. She will draw on over 23+ years background in consumer product development and sales.
The offer is only good until the timer below runs out.
Then they are GONE until November 2017. 
There’s no fancy landing page with more info. No video to find out more. No big huge email campaign.
What is there for you: Direct guidance & specific action steps exactly for your product or idea. Actions you can take from wherever you are right now. Insights into growth opportunities and how to get there.

Amy Wenslow, an international product expert, captivates audiences with her charismatic style as she shares insights on how to position and produce products that will make millions through high volume sales to home shopping channels and mass merchandisers.

Amy knows more about product development than anyone I have ever met.  And I have NEVER met anyone, anywhere, who is so willing to share her expertise so selflessly.  In the short time I’ve known Amy, she has saved many inventors thousands of dollars in costly mistakes, and turned them into highly profitable “power players”.  Stay Awesome Amy Wenslow!

Steve Alexander

“Amy is such a beautiful, positive and most importantly, knowledgeable spirit that has helped me in reaching my goals and taking me even higher than I have ever expected. Incredibly grateful that our paths crossed”

Andy Hnilo

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