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Whether you need to turn around around a problem situation, or need to bring in large volume sales, big opportunities are vital to your business’ survival and expansion.

Let’s face it. Those big, annual buyer meetings can be nerve-wracking for even the best business owner!

Usually you’re being asked to improve your profit margin, make merchandising suggestions to the buyer and make a business case for why your product is a great purchase for them. We’ve been working on product lines for major sales distribution for years so we’ve seen just about every scenario you can imagine.  We’ve worked on SO many of these problems for clients that it’s kind-of-like “Been there. Fixed that.”

Different situations require different solutions.   Click here to see a comparison chart of how we work.

Curious about the kinds of results we’ve created for clients?  Read case studies below

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Client line expansion project to sell in Walmart

Case Study

Fix Product Assortment & Update Trendsetting

Walmart’s Annual Plan-O-Gram National Reset

For one manufacturer, we re-merchandised 16′ of Walmart’s layout for the annual reset meeting. There were over 700 items in the section before the reset. After our meeting, Walmart implemented 25% of our recommendations. That’s a high % of change for a large store to make in one reset!

Changes included how to create new sales with adjacent items, expanding certain parts of the assortment to be more on-trend, removing duplicates and updating packaging on the remaining items.

Client project to turn around their results with Lowe's Home Improvement account

Case Study

Doubled account to $2,000,000 Instead of Being Kicked Out

Lowe’s Home Improvement Annual Review

A new client was introduced to us 8 weeks before the big annual review for their product category at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. They had been selling about $1,000,000 per year in that account. They were certain the buyer was going to kick them out of the account at that meeting. It was a $1,000,000 account that was going to go GOODBYE.

Big problem, true, but was only a fraction of the situation.  And we had less than 7 weeks to turn around the business’ problems.

Problem:   LOSING Lowe’s Home Improvement Account

  •  The product was looking really dated.
  • Almost non-existent profit margin every time the product was sold.
  • Customer return rate was much higher than the Lowe’s vendor limit.
  • The installation instructions were painful to try to understand.
  • Our new client’s customer service department was overrun with calls about how to install the product.

The most critical thing to do was change the buyer’s perception of the product so it was a new conversation. That meant massive changes needed to be done on a tight timeline without tooling changes. The product needed a facelift to make it relevant to today’s consumers. Consumers were, also, frustrated trying to the install the product so new installation instructions were important. And we needed the buyer to give us time to implement all the changes.  Definitely a tall order but a worthwhile challenge.

Outcome: Account Grew by 100% in 1 year to $2,000,000 in sales

The biggest result was that our client kept, and GREW, the Lowe’s account…. Sales at Lowe’s soared from $1,000,000 annual sales to $2,000,000 in one year!  The client got a $15 per unit price increase with the new product colors, packaging and installation method. Customer returns and service phone calls were cut in half. That meant lower overhead for our client, less stressed out staff and MUCH better use of capital for the business, too.

Then our client started getting sales inquiries from the Home Depot and Menards’ buyers. That’s a happy outcome indeed!

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