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Every day I see a million small improvements to be made in just my immediate sphere. If I listened to it, my mind chatter would talk to me about the fish tank to add plants to. The papers to look at, act on, shred or de-commit from ever acting on and throw away. Or the Fitbit that tells me whether I’ve done enough, moved enough, slept enough.

But endless bits of small improvements don’t bring peace of mind. Or heart.

Instead they bring distraction from doing the kind of big work that takes leaning into a project, thought or creative space and time. The kind of big work that is sometimes emotionally scary because we, I, don’t know how it will all turn out.

Here’s the rub though…. Small improvements don’t necessarily bring joy or value or intimacy into life. It’s the leaps of imagination that ignite and stir souls newly. Maybe you would call it “dedicated passion.”

Being a person following your intuition on that creative ride requires finely tuned inner listening. Listening and then being committed to Bold. Unapologetic. Action.

And maybe the Bold. Unapologetic. Action is saying no to mundane activity. Then letting your consciously-disconnected-self quiet down to hear the spectacular.


You’ve got this.

You are already “enough”.



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