Part 6 of the interview: Investor Pitch – The Keys To A Successful Investors Pitch Meeting [Video]

Intuit Quickbooks came to interview us about what makes product businesses tick. This is part 6 of 10.

Products To Profits is a marketing consulting firm which offers a wide range of services in a very focused niche: consumer product business building. CEO Amy Wenslow has a firm understanding of what it takes for small businesses to raise funding from investors. Amy encourages businesses with especially technical products to have someone on their team who can explain how it functions on a very basic level. A product is only as good as the team behind it, so Amy advises founders to choose them wisely. Additionally, a team should go into a pitch meeting with a minimum viable product to demonstrate what they want to put on the market, along with any initial sales numbers that are available. Above all else, Amy believes that being authentic and honest in a pitch meeting is the best way to connect with potential investors and raise funds.

To learn more about Amy Wenslow, please visit our About Us page.

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