I’ve noticed something recently. Every elite team in any area has similarities. Whether you are looking at teams behind a booming product based business or the French women’s relay team winning the 4x400m Relay Euro Championships  there are keys traits. It even applies to the unique area of being a published photographer.

Recently I attended the North American Nature Photographers Association Summit. The attendees were a combination of elite National Geographic photographers as well as avid amateur photographers. I was shocked to learn that the myth of the lone photographer out there finding the perfect shot is not the case! There is an entire team of people with individual roles plans and supports the expedition.

Anyone, from an avid amateur to an elite professional, can benefit from understanding and owning their strengths and weaknesses. Having knowledge of where your business stands will allow you to identify areas that require reinforcement. Reinforcements don’t necessarily have to be pricey or time-consuming. We’ve included some street-wise tips in the audio recording below.

There are some critical ways that the most elite teams in any field operate.

1. They have a clear, common focus and commitment.

2. Team members are coachable and will take input while making decisions for the highest good.

3. Adapting, or course correcting, are accepted parts of their process when done for clear reasons.

There are also three types of people you’ll see on every good business team.  (For more information check out the writings of speaker and author, Les McKeon. He’s really brilliant.)

The Three People Types you’ll need:

1. Visionary with expansive perspective. They usually have really strong ability to get people excited / engaged in an activity.

2. Detailed Operator. The creator and operator of systems.

3. Processor. This is the person who’s a ninja with details. They love details, business processes & highly tuned systems. They are the “counters” of your business team.  They typically bring massive accountability to your ability to stay on course.

Synergy from this collective effort brings your team together in overcoming obstacles and avoiding unnecessary setbacks. In running the race to business success, every member of the team needs to utilize their strengths to run their absolute best.

Listen to the following audio recording to learn more:


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