Loving My Life’s Work with You

When I stop to think about what we get to do, who is around us….. I feel so very appreciative. What a profound blessing to be in a dance with people and their creativity.

One of our clients is about to show his product for the very first time on Saturday. He’s held the vision with faith and courage. I’m very, very proud of him for how far he’s come.

And then, while our designers were completing his artwork today, another client and I met to respond to some emails from Walmart Canada’s buying team. About 20 minutes after we sent the emails… She got confirmation that they are picking up her product!!! Then came an email minutes later with her vendor number!

For me it’s not about the sales or the big name companies we get to work with. It’s all about seeing people grow as ideas come out of their heads into the real world. It’s about watching them light up. They stand taller and feel differently in their skin. The world shifts and opens for them because they see possibility newly.

That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning to be who I get to be. That’s what moves me.

What moves you about your life’s work?

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