This is very important,  when you’re starting a business – how you talk to yourself.

I can’t stress this enough. If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich, you know that your thoughts create your reality, and if you’ve watched The Secret you’ve heard that. Everybody’s heard that your thoughts create your reality.

Mastering your language is so critical to understanding how it is that you’re actually thinking and to being compassionate and kind with yourself. One of the ways that I work with myself on my language is – if I think a thought like,  I can’t do this in that timeline  ( notice I said timeline.). All my clients and pretty much everybody who works with me know that I don’t speak the work deadlines because there’s too much stress and threat in that. I use the word timelines, and I find that I’m a lot more graceful with timelines.

Watch for words that are more empowering for you. If you say,  I’m not good at that, you could substitute I’m getting better at that, or I’m developing a skill for that, or that skill set is something that I should be hiring someone to do.

These are all really subtle distinctions that make a profound difference.

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