Do NOT read this unless you are not committed to faster, better results with your physical product. This group wouldn’t be a fit for you but we will still love you.

Product business is different. You need answers to unique challenges.

This is the only mastermind program exclusively for products that sell online, offline, on shopping channels or for licensing. Mastermind members are in all stages of product development, launch and growth for physical, touchable products.

Whether your goal is to get your product finished and launched, to grow sales or to fix problems with a mature product line, this is the environment for you.

Product Mastermind. 3 months. All about your goal with your products. 

In this 3 months long, Product Mastermind, you’ll get the massive benefit of having us pour into you and your project. You’ll be learning and growing alongside other product businesses, too.

We’ve combined group calls, a private Facebook group, tools and contacts to give you the best blend possible in a group. Think of it as a net that is there to catch you. Or a trampoline to bounce you higher than you can go on your own. Just like at the gym, this group will add energy and fuel to your goals.

Also, learning with other people is more fun and proven to be more effective. 

The actions you’ll be taking are for your specific product for your exact business. However, since everyone else in the mastermind will have a physical product for the US market, you’ll understand each other’s challenges and triumphs!

You’ll finally to be in a group that gets it. That gets YOU. Gone are the frustrating days of wandering aimlessly in general business groups trying to make their advice for a totally different kind of business work for you. 

Based on what’s needed in the group, you may hear about selling online on Amazon and other platforms, selling to big box, working with factories, tv shopping channels, what to do online, how to talk to corporate buyers, running a Kickstarter campaign and more. 

Product Mastermind is for:

  • ONLY people with products
  • High-quality action and accountability
  • Low fluff, no drama
  • A protected, safe place for your intellectual property
  • Connecting with other fabulous product people
  • Anyone in the world who wants to sell in the US
  • Learning what works NOW for products and sharing best practices

The real value of a mastermind is in the people present and how it all applies to YOUR project. That is why it is so critical to have a group specializing in products. We will be pouring into you through every channel and method.


The number of members will be limited so it’s best to say yes now.

BONUS — Immediate access to the private Facebook group and trainings.

Training 1 – “Product Plan Training (available 24/7, Value $688)

Training 2   “How To Create Top Selling Products” training – (5-modules, available 24/7, Value $795)

  • Two group calls per month for 3 months
  • Interactive, private FB group for on-going support 
  • Product Plan training (3-hour webinar available 24/7, Value $495)
  • 3 templates & tools
  • 5 contacts for each participant from our corporate buyer database
  • Plus, a few juicy-good surprises along the way.


We encourage you to apply for a space in the Product Mastermind group.

All applications are reviewed to make sure this is the right program for you. One of the team will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your application. 

Investment is $3,500 total for 3 months.

Payment plan is available. 


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