Come Learn & Have Fun with Other Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for a friendly, dynamic place to meet other entrepreneurs, our Meetup groups are for you! The events, meetings and workshops are consistently given 5 stars.  We play finance board games once a month, too.

Most monthly meetings are held in Pasadena, CA.

Product Mastery

Let's add expertise, fun and community to people with products, inventions and product businesses. This is a place where you can get insight, connections, education and refuel your spirit as you creat

What members of Product Mastery Meetup say…

So much fun to meet up with other inventors that have produced products that they shared with everyone. This group has so much combined talent it is amazing. So exciting to see how this group is going to do great things.

Mary Ellen Simonsen

“Thanks for a great meetup Amy and Jeff. You gave us a place and atmosphere to share our own ideas and help each other. I enjoyed everyone’s contributions and learned a great deal. Looking forward to more like this!”


Great getting to know people who are on product adventures as well.


What members of Pasadena Startup Entrepreneurs say…

The Meet Up last night with Amy Wenslow was amazing. We did these exercises on my business that were not the “norm”. It was almost like a business strategy from the heart. The exercises were built for you to win, empower yourself and think of new dynamic ways to look at your business. I highly recommend her Meet Ups for any body with a business or thinking about starting a business. It’s strategy with a conscious, my favorite!!!

Rheena MaeMae

“ This is a friendly, lively group that’s well organized. I’ve been to lots of business meet ups, and this was one of the best. ”

Rebecca Little

“ Outstanding ! a great meetup that combines fun , financial education and networking ”

James Izzy

“ Good experience to learn new ideas ”

Larry Alvarado

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