Packaging Products | Form & Function: The Art Of Packaging Your Products [Video]

Part 9 of the interview:

Intuit Quickbooks came to interview us about what makes product businesses tick. This is part 9 of 10

Products To Profits is a marketing consulting firm which offers a wide range of services in a very focused niche: consumer product business building.  CEO Amy Wenslow understands the essential value packaging adds to any product that is being distributed. Effective packaging conveys everything a business wants its customers to know about their product — from directions on how to use or assemble it, to the tone the product should have within the market.  Another key factor Amy wants her clients to think about is how they size their packages.  Sizing should be the perfect union of form and function, which takes into account how much space on a store shelf the products take up in addition to utilizing the colors and shapes that will attract customers.  Or as Amy eloquently calls it, “supporting the value perception of your products.”

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