The reason this has come up as a topic, is because there are so many people I’ve talked to that we never really fully give ourselves permission to be the fully creative passionate person that we’re meant to be in the world. I went through that myself.

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Today…Let me share about permission.

As a young girl I was always making things, and as many of you know, I was a painting major in college.  I went through an experience recently where I was working with a personal stylist for clothing and wardrobe.  All the colors that I instinctively knew to be my favorites, ones that I felt really good in were the ones that were an autumn season with burnt copper leaves and if it was an autumn color I always felt good in it.

Well, I had been told that I should be wearing bright colors, so I kept trying to go against my intuition and wear things that weren’t completely me, trying to play a role that never felt fully comfortable.  It can be the same in what you’re doing or how you’re approaching your innovations and inventions.

Your intuition is usually very good. Where we get in trouble with things is when we start to over think them. Here’s one of my favorite questions and if you have a pen you might want to write this down. I hear so many people go – “I don’t know what to do”.

It’s usually asked from a place of overwhelm. The question I used with myself constantly is… “if it was easy how would I do it”?

Sometimes you’ll get an answer, an idea will pop in or you go well I would call this person or hire that person or I would collaborate over here and there’s usually the seed of something really good in there. If you ask that question and you ever hear yourself answer something… I don’t know… then the next question to ask yourself… if I knew what would I do?

A lot of times you actually do have the thread of something. The reason I have permission on my mind is because somehow in working with this amazing stylist and because she’s “professional”, there’s a lot of freedom for me. I’ve literally purged all the clothes in my closet that aren’t who I want to be in the world. It can be the same thing, so sometimes working with a professional in an area, simply gives me permission to do what I would have wanted to do anyway.

It can be the same for you. If you have inklings of what to do in your project, we have some clients where their inclination has been right on track. We have other clients or situations where it needs to be refined it’s not going to be completely effective. Usually those are situations where there’s a piece of missing information, so you want to make sure you’re making decisions from a truly educated place, and that you’re still following your heart and your passion.

I’m officially giving you permission to be fully creative, fully alive and fully expressed in the world, whatever that means for you.

If there’s someone who’s told you that your idea was silly or you could never make a living with it or anything like that, I’m officially giving you permission to ignore that. If it’s what you’re meant to be doing and you’re passionate about it, go for it. Find a way and also, ask powerful questions. That means, ask the question of people who have been there who have done a piece of it, whoever that is for you, whether it’s me or someone else. Asking better questions always is a good thing to do.

I have questions posted around my office. One of my favorite current things is this one saying from Dan Kennedy, which he wrote in a recent newsletter. I wrote it on this huge white board I have that’s fills my 10×10 wall. I gave myself permission to work big, work in the scale that I love, which is BIG!

“We are hardwired for monkey see monkey do, so it’s a good idea to hang out with the best monkey’s you can find.”

We as human beings are wired to copy or get ideas from what the people around us are doing, so go hang with the people who are doing the kinds of things that you would want to do. Put yourself in their environment it’s critical.

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