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One of the things that surprises me time and again is how quickly my intuition can guide me to the perfect chance to grow, stretch or have an adventure.

It’s been proven to me over and over that what my first intuition says is accurate is usually right. Malcolm Gladwell writes about this in Blink.

My friend James loves it when I say, “Did I ever tell you about when I….” He gets a gleam in his eye and a big smile spreads across his face because he knows it’s going to be a good story.

You see, I’ve always had an adventurous spirit when my intuition tells me to do something.

And for several years I traveled the country on business 40 weeks a year. By myself. Without being able to tell anyone what I did, where I lived or where I was going next.

(Even now, I wrote a sentence about that time in my life and deleted it. The security risk of people knowing I was a jewelry sales rep was way too great. So I left that industry many, many years ago.)

Maybe the story he’ll hear will be about leaving my car in the US, walking across the border into Nogales, Mexico and ending up having margaritas with a Mexican shop keeper when I hardly speak Spanish at all. Oh yes. And realizing about then that no one knew I had left the US.

Or driving & camping my way across the country to teach at an all girls summer arts program.  One morning after camping under the stars along the Colorado River outside Moab, UT I met a very nice Eastern European guy.

He stopped to see why I was writing along the river.  After an hour or two of talking we ended up driving into a valley to look at rock formations.  I LOVE rocks! Well, we decided to get close to this one spire a good distance up.

Let’s just say: a barbed wire fence had to be moved and the SUV was close to rolling over at one point. When we turned around to go back to my car, we realized we’d been driving on a rock mesa so there weren’t any tire tracks to follow. Note to everyone – Joshua trees all look the same. They are BAD markers to find a path you’ve followed!

The common thing that weaves all the adventures together is a sense of intuitive “rightness”. They just felt right.
The way intuition works for me is through a physical sensation. There is a pulling in my chest or vague stirring in my solar plexus.

It guides me towards people & situations, even the products that we work on.

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