Elements of an Awesome PR Pitch [Video]

Every business needs public relations (PR) and marketing, but not everybody knows how to go out and get it. On top of that, many businesses don’t even really understand the differences between publicity and more direct marketing.

We are very fortunate to have figured out how to get publicity for our business. We also make a point of including our clients whenever we can.  For example, here’s a lengthy product development article we are a lead source in for Entrepreneur magazine.  Or you can read our views on licensing trends in the fashion accessory market in Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) here.

When you’re thinking about PR, think of the kinds of opportunities that can be presented to you once you get your name out there. Getting great PR can get you incredible exposure and be a great credentializer. PR can range from online blogs, radio spots, television spots to print publications at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Journalists sometimes put out requests online. Check the advertiser editorial section of their website. Other great places to look for PR opportunities is on the Help A Reporter Out (HARO) website and RadioGuestList.com. Get in the rhythm of  actively checking these listings every day.

Here are the 6 Elements of an Awesome PR Pitch:

1. Know the media publication’s market – know the audience that the media publication caters to.

2. Be a good fit to their story or market – Think about what kind of audience would read their publication. Then make sure your content would be something they would be interested in.

3. Answer specific questions with a surprise insight. *** Remember, just because they have their own agenda, it does not mean that you cannot achieve yours. Find ways to answer their specific questions and bring a little twist to the conversation by inserting a surprise insight.

4. Give good sound bites – 2-3 sentences if written. Less than 30 seconds of speaking time if it’s an audio clip or video clip.

5. Be brief! Stay present so you are concise and to-the-point.iv class=”ace-line”

6. Include a couple 2-3 sentence paragraphs after your signature about your product, business or results. This can be done really well after your signature line.


Pay attention to PR opportunities because it could really mean revenue and exposure for you!


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