Part 4 of the interview: Pricing Strategy – Choosing A Pricing Strategy That Works For Your Small Business [Video]

Intuit Quickbooks came to interview us about what makes product businesses tick. This is part 4 of 10.

Products To Profits is a marketing consulting firm which offers a wide range of services in a very focused niche: consumer product business building. CEO Amy Wenslow considers pricing strategy to be a union of art and science. On one hand, a small business owner needs to look at it from a marketing perspective: what will the market bear for the particular type of product? How saturated is the market already? Other variables that must be factored-in to any product pricing includes sales rep commissions and broker percentages. Regardless of how creative a product or its founder may be, Amy is adamant that in order for a small business to succeed, the numbers need to be analyzed and work in its favor through a comprehensive pricing strategy.

To learn more about Amy Wenslow, please visit our About Us page.

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