Product Success Program

Actions & accountability for growing your product business.

The Product Success Program is for you if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

Do you want to confidently, successfully show your product to large retail stores so they say, “Yes, we have to have this”

Are you committed to the product success you’ve been craving?

Would you like an actionable plan with clear steps that move you, and your product, forward quickly?

If you said, “Yes! I’d LOVE that”, then you’re going to love our exclusive Product Success Program. This program is designed for people just like you that are creating or growing a  product-driven business whether it’s online, offline or both. Many people don’t know that well over 70% of sales in the US are still happening offline even after all the changes of 2020.  Now, more than ever you need to know how to use all the places your product could be selling. 



Amy Wenslow

Hi. I’m Amy Wenslow. One of my FAVORITE MOMENTS EVER was standing in the cash register line at a huge store and seeing someone buy my design! I’ve got to tell you, it was beautifully surreal after 7 months of design and development.

There was something about watching her pick up one of our pendants and compare it to a competitors’. Then she put OURS in her shopping cart and went to the cash register!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Somehow it made me feel excited and yes, a bit proud. Like I had proven to myself. Now, you can feel that sense of accomplishment, too.

Over the past two decades I’ve worked with product businesses that sell to large companies and retail stores in the United States and Canada. Our clients sell their products to over 45+ major corporations.  Names like: QVC, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Whole Foods, Amazon, Home Depot, Menards’, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, Michael’s Craft Stores, Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Stores, Claire’s Accessories and Sam’s Club online.

While that’s all grand, we really want to be about you!


Your product. Your business. Your success.


This customized Product Success Program is for you if:
• You have a touchable, tangible product
•  Your product solves a problem for people
•  You want to sell your product to large retail stores, on large internet websites or a TV shopping channel
• You want step-by-step guidance from an expert with firsthand, proven success
• You like results

In my multiple decades as a product developer, I’ve done business in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, India. There have been some failures but there have been many extraordinary successes.  One product sold $2.5 million dollars during the first year. Another line sold $300 million in three years!

One of the clients from this exact training program grew from selling in 1 store to 1,400 stores in 14 months at 8x the profit margin.

When I asked myself what made all those successes possible, along with the right product it came down to our commitment, the strategy we designed and the team.

Many products struggle to get off the ground because the business really doesn’t have a plan or road map for their product. Frequently, there is simply too much being done in the wrong order or missing completely!


The problem shows up in brand new businesses and well established companies, too.


For example, we worked with a company that was already doing $15 million dollars in sales per year. When we started they had lost $400,000 on a new product launch. That painful experience showed them a big hole in their new product strategy.

After we worked to educate the executive team, pick new product direction and streamline the product lines, they finished the year $7 million dollars over their expected revenue.

When I asked our client, the company’s CEO, why they invested in working with us, he wisely said, “We worked with you because you see way more businesses and what works, than we ever will. We’re inside our own bubble. Obviously what we were doing wasn’t going to get us where we wanted to go.”


Why you CAN’T create Product Success alone


Let’s be real. Working alone is long, hard, frustrating work. It grinds the human spirit down until you wonder, “Is it worth it? Can I really do this?”

Secondly, you know trial and error is an expensive way to learn. You will end up reinventing the wheel countless times. Each time you make a mistake it will cost you time, money, energy and confidence.

And sometimes, you don’t get a second chance to have the right information for a large buyer.

Remember that old saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well, I’m here to tell you it happens all the time with products. You get so close that you can’t see all the steps involved and put them in sequence.

You end up re-doing work. Making expensive mistakes. Shelling out more and more money to fix preventable headaches.


And lastly……… the worst outcome of all, “If only……..”


I can’t tell you how many people say, “X number of years ago I had a great idea. I didn’t do anything with it. Then just last month (or last year) I saw it in a store!”

“If only I had taken the chance and really gone after my dream.”

“If only I hadn’t signed that crappy licensing deal.”

“If only I had believed in myself.”

“If only I had known you.”

After hearing “if only” for the gazillionth time from countless people I realized they just didn’t know what we do about product based businesses. They were doing things backwards.

For well over two years I was asked, “can you teach me how to do some of what you do?”. My reply was always, “No, we don’t teach it. We are a service company that does the work for you.”

Then my family history of teaching came roaring to life.  Creative ideas about EXACTLY how to teach it came together gracefully and the Product Success Program was created.

People just like you have started, grown and sold product businesses using our processes. We even have clients in well established companies that are leading product turnarounds.

You can now put an end to your confusion about what to do next.

Even on a small business budget.


“BEFORE you do anything with your product or invention, talk to Amy. Avoid the expensive novice pitfalls of creating a new product or invention. SAVE yourself thousands of dollars and months of grief, as my clients did! Don’t end up with a warehouse of unsaleable products. Amy is knows her stuff and is full of spunk! You’ll love her.”

Alice Linesch

Creative Director

~ The Process ~

As you work with us in the Product Success Program we are continually focused on three areas: strategy, training and action.

The strategies for building a product business are different than other types of businesses. That’s why we start with a personalized 1-Day Strategy Intensive to refine your key goals and the top priorities. This day is a combination of private training workshop, mastermind and business planning. By the end of the day, we’ve mapped the strategic steps to overcome obstacles on your project’s path to product success.

After your 1-Day Strategy Intensive, we move into the implementation phase. In this stage you are moving through the one-on-one training program with follow-up sessions, accountability and proven templates.

The entire program is rich with support, guidance and accountability. We move methodically through the areas most critical to you achieving your product’s goals. You‘ll have step-by-step expertise and guidance so you feel confident as you complete the action items from each session.

Throughout your training program, we’re looking for ways you can maximize sales and minimize having to re-do work. Sidestepping that grand-canyon-sized hole saves you time and it saves you money.

Plus, all our work together is held as confidential & protected with a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property i.e.: patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Your 1-Day Strategy Intensive


The foundation of our work together is your private 1-Day Strategy Intensive. This giant whiteboard meeting is a combination of private training workshop, mastermind and business planning.

Our top-notch team goes into action way before you ever walk into the room. You will be sent an in-depth questionnaire once your meeting is scheduled. Then we research trends, pricing, competition and other factors as background for the day. I’ll, also, review any materials you want to send over: sales literature, pricing, costing, packaging, you name it.

Since the entire day revolves around you and your team, we’re able to customize the topics and agenda to your specific needs. Typical areas could include: pricing / costing, marketing messages, production, engineering, intellectual property, finding investors.

By the end of the day, you’ll have a 12 – 18 month road map separated into monthly actions designed for your product and goals.

Bonus!  You’ll get to keep all the charts from your day and preliminary research we’ve done for you. We can even record the day for your personal use if you choose!


Giuseppe Veneziano & Lizette Espinoza
After 1-Day Strategy Intensive

Giuseppe Veneziano & Lizette Espinoza
After Launch

Follow Up Sessions


Building on the foundation of your 1-Day Strategy Intensive, you will have 12 one-on-one coaching sessions to keep you moving clearly, confidently & quickly toward your goals. From pricing, packaging and learning how to present your product the best possible way, you’ll have an expert walking you through the process.

Each session is fast paced, collaborative and packed with information to move your project forward quickly. At the end of each coaching session, you’ll know the most immediate 1 – 6 actions to take for your specific product.

You will receive twelve (12) 1-hour video or phone coaching sessions. They can be used closely together or spread them out. It’s your choice. They never expire.

3 Hour Strategy Update

Let’s face it, building a business involves being responsive to changes and new opportunities. We’ve included a 3-Hr Strategy Update to be used at your discretion during the course of the program. This GREAT for realigning, adding team members or adjusting to market demands.

Buyer Contacts for You

When you’re product is ready to be sold, we go into our database and we dig for 25 key contacts in the accounts you want. While we can’t guarantee we have the exact contacts in every corporation, our extensive, searchable database that is like having a Ferrari in your driveway.  It provides buyer’s name, email address, phone number and an overview of their business. We, also, use the contacts we’ve built over two decades to move your project forward as much as possible.

You can use our experience working on projects for Sharks from Shark Tank, and other top selling product lines, to open doors for your new items.

We even allow clients to use our bio in the “team” section of investor pitch documents.

Jeff Dahl
After National Hardware Show Launch

24 Customizable Product Action Templates

These 24 documents are the framework for product development, pricing / costing, sales presentations, exhibiting at events, packaging design and operations. Start your product development off correctly and progress all the way through to following up on buyer meetings.

Save yourself tons of time and money using our proven templates.

“The inventory tracking template is so easy to use. It shows me how much inventory we have, what is in production and how much will be on-hand after we ship the big orders. I feel calm and can see what’s going on!”

Kristin Hatfield

Equipt Baby

~ What’s Included ~

1-Day Strategy Intensive

Video conference or on-site in Pasadena, CA

12 Follow-Up Sessions

1 hour sessions delivered over the phone or video conference.

3 Hr. Strategy Update
24 Customizable Templates & Training Tutorials
25  Contacts from our Database

Hand selected for you to contact, however, we cannot guarantee the outcomes.

On-going email access & review of your documents

Typically we will respond within 48 business hours, depending on travel schedule.

Mindmap For Products

Visual flowchart showing the path through prototype into production and sales.

Organizational Binder

Collect all your physical documents, notes and action plans into one easy-to-use system for product businesses.


All your business team can attend your 1-Day Strategy Intensive and follow-up coaching sessions. (Priceless)

Being in business always involves teams. Feel free to bring anyone you consider a team member to your meetings.


Recording your Strategy Intensive

We can record the day for you at no extra charge. Many clients choose this option so then can refer back to it later.


“Speaking to Retail Stores, Manufacturers & Designers” e-book by Amy Wenslow

100 must-know words and phrases to help you make money from your product. Read this to understand the language of products so you say “yes” to good deals and “no” to bad deals.

Best Value

$13,995 Total


Payment Plan

$7,995 Today

(4 Payments of $2000, 30 days apart)

$15,995 Total

Questions? Check the FAQ’s below, call us at 626-396-0990 or email

“Thank you for the amazing and such professional care you have given to me and Kim as we move so close to launching our new hand guard company PowerSafe. You, and your team’s, great eye on every detail have given us results better than we could have expected. Our product is truly great, but with your help it will become a standard safety feature in many industries,

Your care and kindness to us is beyond industries standards and is much appreciated! Honest and trustworthy are just a few words to describe your company, Products To Profits. So thankful for your guidance. Looking forward to the future. Thank you!”

Jeff & Kim Walters

Founders, PowerSafe

“We have worked with Products to Profits for approximately 10 months and are very happy with the results. Products To Profits has been invaluable to all of our product lines: LoopRope, LoopClip and BuoyRope.

Their direction for retail placement has included support with sourcing, packaging, supply chain, pricing and the thousand other details that are part of bringing a product to market. Amy Wenslow, and her staff, are very knowledgeable about this incredibly complex process. Products to Profits has been a huge help to our market introduction!

We highly recommend their services to anyone bringing new products to market.”

Dan Hawkins

Partner, LoopRope

“In my experience with Products To Profits I have been amazed by the direction I have been pointed in. Amy has opened my eyes to seeing all sides of my project from marketing, product testing and a very focused view of results I can achieve. My time with the program has been brief but I have a more focused direction thanks to all the sessions with Amy on Skype. She opened up herself to my idea and opened the door to success for myself.

I have accomplished more in one month than I had in 18 months on my own.”

Brendan Thomas

Interactive Sports Gallery


Is there an extra charge to bring my team members?

No, there is never an extra charge to bring your team members. We’re interested in your long term success. That takes having your team all on the same page and going the same direction. Happy to have them in whatever meetings you want.

Do I really get all those bonuses, too?!

Absolutely! You can use the bonuses whenever you’d like.

What if I want to have Products To Profits do the project work for me?

If you want us to design packaging, create your sales materials, run UPC databases, etc, a custom services package might be the better fit for you. We’re happy to quote for that type of work if you are clear on what your business needs.

Several teams have decide after they start in the Product Success Program that they wanted us to do the majority of the project for them. In that case, we create a proposal for the work. Then, after the proposal is accepted, we apply a credit for unused portions of the program. You can have us do a small part or the majority of the project. It’s up to you.

Does the program have a guarantee?

This coaching program is designed to have you sidestep many of the dangers inherent in starting up a product business. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the program because we can’t guarantee YOUR actions. What we can say is that we’ve worked with many, many projects over the years. Our cumulative success rate would put us in the baseball Hall of Fame if we were major league baseball players.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve made your investment in the program, we’ll send you an NDA to sign electronically. Then you’ll receive the welcome questionnaire. Within 2 business days one of our team members will contact you to schedule your 1-Day Strategy Intensive.

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