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Our team is here to help you grow your company with more confidence, less stress and much better results. We’ve built over 225 product lines that have sold hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s have yours be next.

Amy Wenslow, Team Leader

Amy Wenslow, an international product expert, captivates audiences with her charismatic style as she shares insights on how to position and produce products that will make millions through high volume sales to home shopping channels and mass merchandisers. With over 21 years experience in product development, sales and management for consumer goods, her success has led to expanding from a North American clientele to an international one, with clients in including countries as far away as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, and the Czech Republic.

Amy is compelled by design specifically for high volume sales. Her career has blended a strong design background with sales mastery and management. For 3 years, she worked as a lead developer on Beverly Hills Gold.  During this time, Beverly Hills Gold’s retail sales on QVC were $300 million dollars.

After that success, Amy managed sales teams of up to 24 people responsible for special event sales and corporate accounts including Zales, Helzberg Diamonds, Macy’s and Costco.

In 2006, Amy led a product launch in Wal-Mart with a $1.78 million dollar first order. The product performed so well it earned permanent space. Following quickly on that success, in 2007 Amy headed up development of a product line, Heart and Soul, that sold at Michael’s Craft Stores, Jo-Ann’s and AC Moore. Michael’s sales on Heart and Soul in 2007 were $2.5 million dollars.

Over the span of her career, Amy has worked on products as diverse as surfboards, jewelry, mouthwash, natural cleaning products, clothing and hardware. Individual piece prices ranged from $1.99 up to $32,000 retail.

With her warm and energetic style, Amy inspires her audiences into action. They feel her passion for people and respect for their dreams. Her entertaining, direct delivery simplifies complex information for immediate use. Amy’s high energy has attracted corporate speaking invitations from major companies, including Federal Express. Tradeshows across the United States have engaged Amy as a popular speaker for their educational events.

Amy serves inventors and entrepreneurs as founder and CEO of Products to Profits, Inc., a company that creates winning strategies for consumer goods product development and product sales.

Amy Wenslow is an enthusiastic champion of living your passion and inspires people to take focused, specific action to make their dreams a reality.






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