This past month we have committed ourselves to finding and testing a project collaboration tool that works for our business. Project collaboration tools are great for businesses of all sizes. Features such as task management, timelines, and integrated email communications can save you tons of time, confusion, and headache.

Here are the programs we took for a spin (they are not in any specific order):






Teamwork PM



We have created a list of criteria we thought would determine the best fit for our company and specifically looked for the following capabilities:

  • Storage of projects – Having our projects stored and displayed in one common area that was easy to access.
  • Ease of communication – Email, instant messaging, and seamless communication of assignments.
  • Add users – Not limited to a set number of internal and external users. This helps us serve our clients
  • Flexibility with enough structure – Organization of thoughts, ideas, and tasks should flow in a single display as well as be able to be filtered and sorted.
  • File Sharing – Ability to collaborate on and directly link various files from our cloud database to specific tasks.
  • Timeline and Gantt chart capabilities – Ability to view tasks against timelines.
  • Team adoption – If you team members don’t use it, it defeats the purpose of having the service in place.

Play the content-packed audio below from our Product Power Coaching session to learn more:


After testing out various project collaboration tools over the course of a month, we have decided that Asana was the best tool for our kind of business and team. It provided us with a simple, user-friendly interface that the entire team can easily access through a desktop as well as a mobile application.

We hope you find a project collaboration tool that works for your business. Let us know what you think!

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