We spontaneously experimented with something this past week and it turned out to be pretty cool!

The strategy let us take a live phone call (that we were already doing) and re-purpose it into a live Periscope broadcast, YouTube video, a blog post and tie it together to get a lot of leverage online.

Tying Periscope into our online marketing was such an obviously natural and easy thing to do.

Watch the video below to see how we did it:

Here is the complete process deconstructed* (feel free to click through the links):

  1. Do live Product Power Coaching call on speaker phone while broadcasting on Periscope.
  2. Write text for blog post and host it on our website.
  3. Add a downloadable action guide to blog post.
  4. Upload Periscope recording to YouTube.
  5. Add blog post link to YouTube video description.
  6. Promote blog post on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  7. Run YouTube ad campaign on YouTube video.
  8. Run Google Adwords campaign on blog post.

*Marketing funnels like this one can be reinvented in multiple ways across many social media platforms. Take advantage of the marketing assets you have by tying them together across the web to build leverage and increase exposure for your business.





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