Social Media For Your Product

Every person serious about getting the word out about their product comes to the conclusion they have to use social media. It could be as part of a larger launch strategy, a crowd funding campaign, trade show preparations & follow-up or creating sales momentum.

But frankly… who has the time to research which social platforms are a good fit, figure out the messages, do the posting and look at what the results mean?!

Most of us know we have to “do” social media. However, I see time and again that it falls off the plate. Especially when you’re in the midst of preparing for a trade show or launching your business!


So we’ve got a way to make it easier. WAY EASIER! ~


Over the past 6 months, a select handful of clients hired us to simply take over their social media for certain events. We did it as a behind-the-scenes secret.


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what came out of it. ~


One client had his first volume sales come from a few Twitter posts. Another grew her social media reach by over 600%. Still another was offered a speaking gig. And one more had ten people come find her at an event specifically from social media. Plus, our posts outperformed a very savvy client’s internal team’s posts by over 15%.

It worked so beautifully, we’re offering it as a brand new done-for-you service!

You can finally have a social media team that understands products, marketing and sales specifically for your upcoming events.


Hire Jeff at Products to Profits!  We are a new company working on our brand recognition among 1,000 other things you have to do as entrepreneurs.  We thank God for them because as we are running our business, they are posting and getting new followers for us.  They are there in the background making life so much easier and building our brand at the same time. People always say to us, “I see you all the time on social media.”  They just don’t know we have an awesome team working with us behind the scenes!   We would highly recommend them!

-Shawntrice & Clint

Christian Action Heroes

You’ve probably read about what we’re doing for social media. What might be surprising is how, and why, we’re doing it.

Did you know that the majority of sales come from people you’ve had 9-12 impactful communications with. That’s right.

That’s the current statistic on how many times you have to actually connect before most sales happen.

Crazy, right?

Social media is one way you can start to build connection with people  (read “buyers”) before they arrive at any event. It’s also a fabulous follow-up tool.

What’s REALLY super-sexy-cool is how it can extend your reach to buyers that aren’t even AT the trade show or conference.

Plus, you can get involved in the social media conversation even if you aren’t going to the show.

We’ve had clients get tons of free exposure from trade associations and show organizers.  In some cases, they’ve sent out posts with our clients’ website address to all their followers! Imagine your product getting virtually dangled in front of the exact targeted people you need. Yes. It is exactly that kind of social media sunshine. 

You can do social media on your own or have our team work for you. Either way, I urge you to think about social media in a much more creative, generous, authentic way.

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