The Breakdown: Social Promotion Contests [Audio]

Social promotion contests have become a staple of all kinds of launches and marketing. They can be used for your own product launch, a crowd funding campaign or as part of a grant process.

We learned some very cool, beautiful lessons from the Chase grant voting process that I’ll be sharing with you so you can use them for your business.

The goal here is to rally your support groups and create a sense of community working towards a common goal: i.e. To vote, comment and share your message!

Apparently, while the voting for us was a fun, uplifting 3 DAYS, for many others it has been anything BUT that. Matter of fact, I saw one post that called it “weeks of grueling effort.”

We did our best to approach this from a strategic standpoint and made it into a fun game with super quick results. Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO.

Reaching out to our audience:

Our “vortex of social promotion” took place in primarily three audience categories:

  • Family
  • Business Contacts
  • Facebook Groups

For Chase’s Mission Main Street grant, to cast a vote, our supporters must be logged-in Facebook users. What better way to make it easier than to focus only on Facebook users? They are already familiar and comfortable with the platform plus it was unlikely for anyone to create a Facebook profile for the sole purpose of giving us one vote.

We worked to  expand our Facebook audience by utilizing hashtags and sharing our message in certain groups of interest. Hashtags can be of great help in finding similar people and posts. Be sure to incorporate variety; i.e. the hashtag for our contest can be spelled #MissionMainStreet as well as #MissionMainSt. Using both hashtags will increase your chances of getting your message viewed by more people.

We also shared our voting link in select entrepreneur and creative groups for added support. Through the process of sharing, we were able to put our post in front of a larger, targeted audience and got to talk to some pretty cool new people along the way.

Leverage your relationships with the people in your circle. Be sure to give before you take, and always make an effort to return the favor. If you show lots of social support beforehand, you earn extra good karma and extra brownie points! Everybody wins in this situation.

Some stats for you so you understand the context:

Only about 10% of applicants have met the required votes to date
We asked 3 people twice for votes. All others should have only been asked once.
My family was asked once.
Our mailing list only received one email when we were almost done.

Press play to learn how you can apply this to your business:


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