As we come closer to the start of the new year, it is very important to create a foundation for starting off the year with a clear mind and clean slate. If you haven’t cleaned off previous years’ business goals then you may start 2015 with funky feelings about where you are in your project and what your new goals may be.

Being specific with your language is the first step. It is important to write down what your goal was and you have to declare it complete, however it ended up, and get the value from it. When clearing off a goal, my process is to write down the goal and ask myself the following:

What worked about having this goal? What worked about the goal itself and where did we end up? What didn’t work about the goal or process so we get all the lessons?”

This is really important because it allows us to clean the slate, get the lesson, implement the lesson and declare from a clean space where we’re going next.

Get clear about what it is you are creating. If you’re going to be about creating sales, state your goals by quantifying how many units you aim to sell, what kind of sales you aim to make, and give yourself a deadline. Do your best to get the information that you need to put your stake in the ground effectively on whatever the goal is.

Take these steps to kick-off 2015 with a clean slate and with information and goals that are important to you. Continue to create a space where you allow free reign of creativity and focus in on what’s the best use of the talent, the time, the space and the money so that your project can move forward quickly.

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