Need a Road Map for Your Product?

Your Product Strategy Intensive is here.


Over the years we’ve delivered many, many 1-Day Strategy Intensives for product businesses in every stage of their journey. This fast paced way of working is terrific for anyone who wants to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time!

Whether you are an established business looking to refresh your line or a brand new business defining your vision, this is for you.

Many products struggle to get off the ground because the business really didn’t have a plan or road map for their product. Frequently, there is simply too much being done in the wrong order or missing completely!

The problem shows up in brand new businesses and well established companies, too.

For example, we worked with a company that was already doing $15 million dollars in sales per year. They had had an enormous problem with a new product launch that showed how big a hole there was in their strategy for new products.

When I asked our client, the company CEO, why they invested in working with us, he wisely said, “Because you see way more businesses and what works, than we ever will. We’re inside our own bubble.”

~ Your Full Day Experience ~

In this massive whiteboard meeting we focus completely on your product, your business and your goals.

Our top-notch team goes into action way before you ever walk into the room. We research trends, pricing, competition and other factors as background for the day.

We’ll look through any files you want to send over. Plus, there are questions you’ll be sent to answer once your meeting is scheduled.

Since the entire day revolves around you and your team, we’re able to customize the topics and agenda to your specific needs.

Typical areas could include: pricing / costing, marketing messages, production, engineering, intellectual property (things like patents and trademarks), investors. You name it!

How much we can fit in depends on how quickly we can move through out the day.

The result is brand new insights and a monthly road map to guide you to your goals.

~ Logistics ~

All your team members are welcome to be involved in the meeting. We’ve even had clients’ teenagers come to soak up new ways of thinking.

Designing your business is our absolute favorite thing to do so we always make sure you’re well taken care of.


You’ve got two options for how the meeting is delivered:

1. Video Conference – Use our kick-butt video conferencing system. It can host up to 25 computers at once.

2. Our Boardroom – Come take over the board room in our Pasadena, CA offices. You’ll be treated to a delicious working lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day.

Recording the day?  We’ve got you covered.

Throughout the day we’ll take stretch breaks to keep your mind fresh and alert. It will definitely be buzzing with all the insights you’ll gain in 7-8 hours.
We can, also, video record your Intensive for you at no extra charge. Many clients choose this option so they can refer back to it later.
You can take ALL the charts with you at the end of the day.

After Their Strategy Intensive


After Launch


What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

Chase Mitchell – Chill Systems


Jeff Dahl – Looprope


Kristin Hatfield – Equipt Baby


Roger Wilson – Germ Bloc

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