Clear Your Way and What About Targeting Markets?

Working with Your Own Resistance & How to Clear It

How do you go from loner to leader?

We allow the opportunities that we’re willing to have in my experience.

If you’ve been resisting that idea of team – meaning you want it but it hasn’t shown up, or you want it but there’s that tension and struggle – it’s really important to look at what team means to you.

How do you get people involved and get them interested?

First you have to define what the percentage is.

I find that when people aren’t coming into projects, there are usually a couple of things going on and you can look in these places.

First it may not be a business model that works for them. They may have cash flow needs that they’re busy taking care of with things that are going to pay now, so they’re not a match from that perspective.

The second thing is they may not understand the product or its potential.

That’s something that usually comes from how the project is being communicated to them. The other thing that I see is that people may not be clear about what it is they’re being asked to put in, in concrete terms.

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I was asked,” I put the product in front of 100 of the target markets for that product, is there a standardized number of how many responses we’ll get that will be a conversion to purchase the product?”

Great question!
It’s going to vary. Assuming that everything looks amazing and great, and you put it in front of 100 buyers that are your ideal customers, you should see a pretty high percentage, maybe something like 20%.

I’m not sure how many perfect buyers there are for each of your product lines, and that’s really where the math gets to be the art.

Bed, Bath & Beyond could be one, and the math and the sales numbers that you’re going to see for getting them as an account are really different from what you’re going to see with a small regional chain of maybe 30 stores.

You’re going to see really different sales volumes.

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