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I refer my clients to Products to Profits because they understand the big picture, are very clever marketers, and are good at finding ways to make the payoff happen.  Amy is a genius at marketing and at building systems so that her genius can be leveraged through her team and her clients.  She also provides lots of free help so that people can get the basics down without having to pay anybody anything.  She is a great supporter of the entrepreneur and understands their world from the inside.  Most entrepreneurs lack the experience and perspective that Products to Profits brings to the team.  I know that people who try and get that perspective themselves always learn through expensive bad experiences.  It makes sense to skip those parts and jump straight into strategies customized for your business that will work.

Jason Webb

Patent Attorney, Webb IP Law


“In my experience with Products to Profit I have been amazed by the direction I have been pointed in. Amy has opened my eyes to seeing all sides of my project from marketing, product testing and a very focused view of results I can achieve. My time with the program has been brief but I have a more focused direction thanks to all the sessions with Amy on Skype. She opened up herself to my idea and opened the door to success for myself.

I have accomplished more in one month than I had in 18 months on my own.”

Brendan Thomas

Interactive Sports Gallery

“Amy Wenslow and Product to Profits provides one of the most engaging, streamlined and targeted product coaching programs I have received in the area of product development, business coaching and product strategy planning.

She engaged our whole team with her interactive style, from our VP of Sales and Production Manager, down to our designers. We all had newly inspired actions to take on after our Product Success Session.”

Chris Trammell
Custom Wreaths International

Before finding Products To Profits I was selling other people’s cleaning products on my OrganicAuthority.com website.  I just didn’t know how to even start making my own products. After working with Products To Profits we’ve launched our new cleaning product line. Now, on November 25th, 2008 Sam’s Club online will be buying seven products from our “Laura Klein’s Green Car” cleaning line.


Laura Klein

Organic Authority.com