Oftentimes, an invention or product is not seen because they don’t get the visibility they need. Creating a phenomenal video as your presence and to support can greatly increase your product’s visibility and appeal.

Use Video to Promote Your Product
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Whether you are going for retail sales, corporate sales or even for  investment  dollars, a 3 ½ to a 7-minute video that demonstrates your vision and how your product operates can make all the difference.

To  make  a  great  video  of  a  product,  the  product  has to be demonstrable, explainable and should have value. The objective is to create a selling video that will showcase your product with the intention of selling your product.

Before actually shooting the video, take some time to answer the following questions: What audience does it reach? How is your product different? Is there value to the product?

If you can’t answer these questions just by looking at a photograph of the product, then you should have a video to describe and explain it, because this is a way to get your product out in the marketplace, known and explainable. Part of direct marketing through a video is to be able to show them to a buyer/consumer and explaining what your product is versus simply showing a photograph.

Engage your audience, identify a problem, show that the product is the solution to the product, then give people a reason to buy. Give your audience information they can resonate with and understand.

Let’s say a potential buyer Googles you and they see a strong video presence, demonstrations of the product and testimonials of the product. They will be more likely to buy because half of the work is done; they already see that your product has a following and is credible.

A great product video can help you get noticed, help with your search engine ranking, bring you to the forefront and get people talking about you. At the end of the day, if you create a great product and no one can buy it or knows about it, it does not give you the maximum thrill it can and it does not come close on the kind of sales your product deserves.

Here’s a quote by Kelly Olver, former host on HSN and The Shopping Channel: “If you can reach through that camera lens and touch the hearts and souls of the people who are watching, more than likely you’ll make a connection, they will like you and will buy your product.”

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