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We have some exciting news!  We launched our first book all about products and entrepreneurship. The good news for you is that we’ve taken 23+ years of experience and crammed it into 18 short chapters! The pages are full of ideas and proven approaches to start, grow or fix product businesses – FAST.

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When you’re bringing consumer products to market there are a million details to handle.

That’s what we do for clients. All day, every day.

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Working with Amy and Products to Profits has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a new entrepreneur in the physical products space. Prior to meeting Amy, I spent countless hours attempting to learn about the industry on my own, which only got me to a certain point. Amy has significantly reduced my learning curve and I’ve gained for more than I could have imagined as one of her clients.

There’s so much to know and understand about the industry, that it can be a challenge to uncover every important detail without the help of an expert. Amy is that expert and she’s helped me with every aspect of my business – from packaging to margins, and pitch preparation to building out a strategic plan. She’s a pro and really knows what she’s doing. If you’re new to the retail or physical products space, and you’re trying to take your business to the next level, look no further. Amy is the person you need on your team!”

Tracey McGhee

Founder, Ms. Jetsetter

“We have worked with Products to Profits for approximately 10 months and are very happy with the results. Products To Profits has been invaluable to all of our product lines: LoopRope, LoopClip and BuoyRope. Their direction for retail placement has included support with sourcing, packaging, supply chain, pricing and the thousand other details that are part of bringing a product to market. Amy Wenslow, and her staff, are very knowledgeable about this incredibly complex process. Products to Profits has been a huge help to our market introduction! We highly recommend their services to anyone bringing new products to market.”

Dan Hawkins


“I refer my clients to Products to Profits because they understand the big picture, are very clever marketers, and are good at finding ways to make the payoff happen.  Amy is a genius at marketing and at building systems so that her genius can be leveraged through her team and her clients.  She also provides lots of free help so that people can get the basics down without having to pay anybody anything.  She is a great supporter of the entrepreneur and understands their world from the inside.  Most entrepreneurs lack the experience and perspective that Products to Profits brings to the team.  I know that people who try and get that perspective themselves always learn through expensive bad experiences.  It makes sense to skip those parts and jump straight into strategies customized for your business that will work.”

Jason Webb

Patent Attorney, Webb IP Law

“Could not be happier with Products To Profits, Amy and Jeff are so good at leading and guiding you to getting your product from your mind to the actual shelves whether virtual or box stores. They have been helping us, to get our product launched. If you have an idea make sure you contact Amy right out of the gate. She can help you so you don’t waste dollars and time in the wrong places.”

Jeff Walters


Amy’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients’ projects is amazing! She helped us bring our dream to reality with the same passion that we have. I highly recommend her for any marketing project — especially for those who have no experience with sales. She makes the process easy and FUN!

Carla Pickrel

As a client of Amy with Product to Profits, I have found her to be rich with knowledge on every level from start to finish! She is a great listener and encourager every step of the way! She knows how to lead with her heart because she is willing to be involved with every detail as if it was her own project to get ready for market. She has saved me TIME from not having to search for answers else where. I feel that I have gained SPEED with her professional connections that she has lined me up with to help coordinate every detail so nothing is missed along the way! And most importantly, she leads with integrity and has had a personal way of making me feel at ease on all of the particular details by taking my invention to new heights, and helping me prepare myself to get my product into the hands of consumers from all over the world!!

Kim Walters


I have created, what I think, is s great product for exercising my patients in physical therapy. I know I wanted to take my product as far as possible but I had or have no idea how to accomplish such an ominous task. Then I met Amy and that all changed. Our first meeting we structured a realistic year plan and have been moving forward at a great pace since. She is repackaging my product and even helping writing up my exercises in “people speak” instead of my “medical speak”! We did a photo shoot last weekend and I felt so taken care of. I was a part of this mass production with models and photographers and make up artists that Amy completely coordinated. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see the finished product packaging. Working with Amy is awesome. She intuitively understands and knows what I’m thinking and needing to make my product a success. Thank you Amy! Tracy Halmos, The BackStrap

Tracy Halmos

The BackStrap

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